Our Most Common Questions

Who is netWell?

netWell is a Health Care Sharing Ministry (HSCM) that cares for its members as a family. netWell members share in a common set of religious and ethical beliefs. The members contribute and share in each other’s eligible medical requests based on those same beliefs. We invite anyone who shares in our Statement of Religious and Ethical Beliefs to join our membership.

Is netWell What I Have Been Hoping to Find?

Medical expenses and insurance premiums continue to rise leading many individuals and families to search for affordable options. Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) have become attractive options for many. netWell was founded with the mindset of “Serving Our Members”. We want to share our passion for providing you with an innovative Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) membership. Other HCSMs provide you basic options but netWell has gone above and beyond to customize membership options to fit your lifestyle. Our membership options allow you to visit any provider you prefer at any facility you choose. netWell is committed to serving you while assisting you in choosing the best option to fit your needs. Please contact netWell Member Services at 1-866-NETWELL( 866-638-9355)

How Does a Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) Work?

A Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) is a different option from traditional health insurance because HCSM members share health care costs among members who share a common set of religious or ethical beliefs. Members achieve financial comfort through the member-to-member sharing of eligible medical requests. Each member chooses the membership option that best fits their individual needs. Then Monthly Commitment Contributions are used to fund the sharing of eligible medical requests amongst the netWell members.

How Does netWell Determine my Monthly Cost?

Your Monthly Commitment Contribution will be based on the following:

– Oldest active member’s age
– Number of members on the membership
– Membership option
– State of residence

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Is netWell Considered an Insurance Policy or Contract?

Your netWell membership is NOT an insurance policy nor a contract. netWell does not assume any legal risk, promise, or guarantee of sharing in eligible medical requests. netWell only asks, that a member submit a cancellation request when a member chooses to no longer participate in the membership.

Will My Provider or Facility Accept netWell?

There is no reason that a provider or facility should not accept any HCSMs. You will need to provide your member ID card at the time of service and identify the PHCS/Multiplan Network. netWell provides members with national network access through PHCS, for medical needs, including hospital, surgical, emergency room, urgent care clinics, primary care physicians, and specialists. Members can also access a list of providers and facilities at www.multiplan.com/netWell.network to assist in locating a medical provider or facility., members should use providers and facilities who participate in the PHCS Provider Network. Using Network providers and facilities can reduce medical costs by thousands of dollars. In keeping with our foundational sharing principle of member freedom of choice, using an Out-of-Network provider or facility is still the member’s decision. These providers’ services can result in higher medical bills. Out-of-Network providers and facilities may bill the members for the difference between the billed charges and the program’s Maximum Reasonable Guideline (program allowed amount), which can result in increased member sharing responsibility.

How Will Providers Receive Funds for My Medical Requests?

netWell facilitates the member-to-member sharing of eligible medical requests. Your provider will receive funds electronically from our TPA (Third Party Administrator). This ensures you receive the best possible pricing on your medical services.

What About Financial Accountability?

netWell believes in facilitating the membership Ethically, Morally and Legally. Financial accountability is the most valuable practice within the membership. netWell believes in operating by biblical standards and achieving the highest level of integrity.