Member Portal Tips

There are many helpful and important items that can be found in your member portal.

Digital Copy of ID Cards: Forgot your physical copy? No worries, log in from your phone and access your digital copy at any time.

Member Brochure: Provides a high-level view of program details.

Member Guide: Details of your program such as what’s eligible, preauthorization needs, and so much more.

Payment Method/Transactions: Update and view your account information for your monthly drafts of your monthly commitment contribution (MCC).

Provider Search: See if your current providers are in network with PHCS/Multiplan.

Program Information: Enrolled Members: The option to add or exclude members from your program.

Member Medical Expense Submission: Review what’s needed when submitting a reimbursement request and see status updates along the way.

Member Newsletter: Each month we supply the newest edition of our newsletter for you, feedback is always appreciated. What would you like to see us share?

Notifications: Program changes or needs netWell may have for your membership can be found within this section of your member portal.


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