Message from CEO, Larry Foster

It is hard to believe 2023 is nearing an end and I am writing a message to reflect on the holiday season!  I want to thank each of you for choosing to be a part of the netWell family.  Thank you for sharing in our mission to exemplify the commandment to love one another, by sharing in each other’s needs within this spirited and modern Health Care Sharing Ministry.

Thinking about the Christmas Holiday season my mind turned to ‘gifts’.  I believe we all still like to receive gifts; we all hope it’s something we will like, or that is the perfect surprise.  I read something recently about ‘re-gifting’ – that’s what it’s called when you give someone a gift that was meant for you, but you re-wrapped it and gave it to someone else.  Personally, I cannot recall re-gifting any of my Christmas presents, and never recalled my parents ever making me give away my favorite present, although they threatened it if I told my sisters what their presents were going to be.  I wouldn’t have asked my children to give their gifts away either.  I’m pretty sure that most everyone reading this would never admit to ‘re-gifting’.

However, this idea of ‘re-gifting’ is actually a pretty novel idea.  Not in the sense of re-gifting a present you receive, but in the sense of giving others a part of the gifts that you as an individual possess.  Each of you have been gifted in some way, many with multiple gifts that you can share with others – generosity, listening, understanding, kindness, cheerfulness, encouragement, and many more.

This is the time of the year to think about how you can give something to others – something you have been blessed with, that you can share with others to make their world a better place!  It doesn’t have to be a big box under a tree, or a big $ gift card in an envelope!  You see, re-gifting might just be giving the gift of kindness to someone else this Christmas and all through the year.  Always remember – in the words of an old baseball slugger/coach with the Cubs – ‘it don’t cost no money to be nice’.  Wherever you go, whatever traditions you celebrate – take time to celebrate by ‘re-gifting’ your gift to others.  Yes – it still doesn’t ‘cost no money to be nice’.

In a day where it seems to be acceptable to be anything but nice, I challenge us to change the trend.  In a day where you can choose to be anything, be kind.  Imagine the netWell family choosing every day to re-gift kindness within their family, friends, workplace, stores and restaurants.  What a difference each of us can make as we choose to think about how we can give something to others.

The greatest gift that we have ever received was the gift that started in what we celebrate as Christmas.  In a sense, the Greatest Gift, was re-gifted to each of us when Jesus came in a manger.  In whatever manner you celebrate this season and the traditions you hold dear; re-gifting to others the multiple gifts you have within you, is truly embracing the spirit of the season, and the best way to show the world the Greatest Gift.
Thank you for being a part of the netWell family! Have a safe and blessed Christmas Season!


Larry Foster

CEO, netWell