netWell Joins Forces with Women of Faith

The partnership between netWell and Women of Faith represents a powerful union of organizations committed to enhancing the lives of their members and followers. netWell’s innovative healthcare-sharing model enables individuals and families to share medical expenses in a compassionate and supportive community, while Women of Faith has inspired millions of women worldwide with its transformative message of faith, hope, and resilience.

Together, netWell and Women of Faith will:

1. Promote Whole Body Health: The partnership seeks to emphasize the importance of all-encompassing well-being, recognizing that physical health is deeply interconnected with mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Through joint initiatives, they aim to offer resources and support that empower individuals to thrive in all aspects of life.

2. Provide Educational Resources: netWell and Women of Faith will collaborate to develop educational materials, seminars, and online resources that address health-related topics, mental wellness, and spiritual growth. These resources will be made available to members of both organizations, promoting a comprehensive approach to self-care.

3. Advocate for Affordable Healthcare: netWell and Women of Faith will leverage their collective voices to advocate for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

Alita Reynolds, President of Women of Faith, stated, “I’m thrilled for netWell’s premier health care membership to be the perfect solution for our Women of Faith community.  netWell’s dedication to serving members with care and compassion will serve the women we love well. This is just the beginning of an excellent partnership with two ministries dedicated to building God’s kingdom.”

The netWell and Women of Faith partnership promises to be a transformative force in the lives of their members and followers, with a shared commitment to promoting health, wellness, and spiritual growth.

With this partnership, netWell members can receive a 15% discount on Women of Faith resources, such as Women of Faith Group Coaching, all their Keys for Living e-books, quick study guides, and classes. Use the discount code NETWELL15 at checkout.

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About Women of Faith:

Women of Faith is a renowned global movement that seeks to empower women through powerful messages, conferences, and impactful resources.  With a vast network of women who share a passion for personal and spiritual growth, Women of Faith has inspired millions to live with purpose and faith.