Norton Family Testimony

Following my wife’s involvement in a serious auto accident, which left her with significant injuries including two reconstructed ankles, broken ribs, a fractured wrist, a damaged finger, and internal injuries, we were in a state of distress. To compound matters, we encountered a billing issue between the hospital and netWell, adding to our already overwhelming situation. My attempts to resolve this issue with a couple of operators left me feeling even more disheartened, despite not experiencing physical injuries myself.

However, our situation took a turn for the better when Jennifer Hinkson, Director of Sharing and Provider Relations, reached out to us. Jennifer took the initiative to address the problem. From the moment I spoke with her, it was clear that she not only cared about our situation but was determined to help us in any way she could. She diligently worked to rectify the billing issue, offering prayers, apologies, and reassurance, which allowed us to shift our focus from billing concerns to my wife’s healing process.

My wife has been undergoing rehabilitation for her ankles and finger, striving to adapt to a new normal where flexibility may not be as it once was. She has shown immense resilience throughout this ordeal, never once complaining. In fact, if you didn’t know about her injuries or watched her walk, you’d never guess she had been hurt. She is a remarkable and faith-filled woman, demonstrating unwavering strength.

I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jennifer and netWell for their support during this challenging time. May God bless you all for your kindness and assistance.


Norton Family, member since 2022